The Objective

Repeal A.R.S. 15-716

Since 1991, A.R.S. 15-716 has effectively prevented comprehensive health education in our schools.  The statute is specific to HIV instruction in the classroom, and in part provides that no school district can include in its course of study instruction which promotes a homosexual life-style, portrays homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style or suggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.

Thanks to AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Aunt Ritas Foundation has initial financial support to help repeal this law.  We have been engaged to deliver messaging.

The Strategy

Clearly a conservative community is behind this legislation. However HIV does not discriminate. Their families are as at risk as any and while other communities face greater risk of transmission and diminished access to care, this community is an even greater risk if we do not communicate with them in a language they can understand. 

To begin, we recommended the formation of a new program called Aunt Rita's Interfaith Advocacy.  A proposed logo design is presented here.


This interfaith advisory committee will be the consumer facing entity delivering messaging. Using neurolinguistics we propose heavy use of common words and phrases that are prevalent among conservatives: freedom, values, family, duty.

We propose these messages be delivered with a powerful visual component. Here the central figures are a family in front of a church with one or more family members in transparency and outlined in chalk. This signifies the person/s have died. We suggest that if they had just had the freedom of access to information, they could have survived.

The messages can be delivered on billboards, postcards and a campaign website.