Communications Strategy

The Objective

Elevate the faces of HIV and reduce stigma while at the same time increasing the reach and influence of Aunt Rita's Foundation. Evaluate and make recommendations on communication strategies, partnerships and advertising campaigns that accomplish that goal.

AIDS Walk 2017

Increase reach and attendance

Strategy: Slightly politicize the event by targeting Millennials, Bernie Supporters and Allies and using the fact that LGBT people will not be counted in the U.S. Census to send a message  #stepupandbecounted

Strategy: Offer incentives to team leaders such as logo design and competition prizes for best performing team captains

Strategy: Leverage Fast Track Cities

Strategy: Leverage 10 year anniversary

Strategy: Partner with CSA centric organizations to drive team participation and companies to match each other in participation and fundraising: Walgreens, American Express, Go Daddy, Uber.

Strategy: Form a team of 40 influential allied women to expand reach into allied demographic.

Stragegy: Leverage Mayor Stanton's involvement with the headline MAYOR STANTON: AIDS WALK CRITICAL TO ERADICATING HIV BY 2030


Social Engagement

Allied Community Influencers


Communications Strategy

Awareness & Action

We provide ongoing consultation with ideas for messaging and images to:

Reduce Stigma

Increase testing

Reduce infection rates

Get people on medicine

Deliver messages to at-risk youth

Deliver messages despite political adversaries

Save lives