Brands Taking Stands 

Challenge: Develop a brand for a philanthropic jewelry line purchased by companies for their corporate social responsibility campaigns or by individuals that wish to express their desire to make an impact on the world.  The jewelry is unisex so it must not be overly feminine, as many corporate decisions makers tend to be male. 


Brand Strategy: Choosing a metaphor can be a daunting task. We wanted to pay homage to the bracelets, yet find a way to convey the idea of taking a stand, philanthropy, giving back and the like without being so obvious. We opted to create a design with a subtle metaphor rather than a more overt or literal symbol. The arrow moves ideas and money forward and travels through time and space as represented by the infinity of two circles intertwined. 

Campaign Strategy: The idea here is of a personal journey through life. For those with advanced self-awareness there grows an internal desire to live a life in service to "the greater good." Not too long after early adulthood do most of us realize we are all on a path of discovery and along that path are opportunities to give back because it is in the giving that the greatest gifts are received. The story is told from the individual's perspective but represents the common idea of the Tree of Live, in which we are all branches of the same place: love.



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