BULA Case Study

Conceived on the beaches of Fiji, BULA (pronounced "boo-lah") is a regulatory compliance consulting firm with a robust database of information that helps large chain drug stores, independent pharmacies, and legal professionals by providing guidance to their clients, find and articulating the latest regulations, legislative activity and laws affecting the pharmacy industry. BULA provides up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information to help organizations reduce costs associated with intelligence gathering and reduce the risk of litigation and other costly actions. 

By simplifying complex regulatory and legislative information across 50 states, Bula provides security, certainty, and peace of mind to its client subscribers.




Create a brand for the company that feels modern and has a sense of the future while at the same time pays homage to its "born on an island" heritage and helping those "drowning under regulations." In this case, BULA is a safe place where people can come together for pertinent knowledge to their situation.

Based on progressive, exploratory brands like NASA, this approach alludes to the fact that while an intelligence library is important, what is more important is how that intelligence is applied to change the world. By replicating the perception of future-based companies, BULA assumes the capacity of big picture planning and future-centric thinking.

Variation number one, plays on the feeling of the future. The palm frond is an homage to Fiji while at the same time appearing as a network or broadcast of information. Each version can be enhanced or simplified while maintaining the integrity of the story.

Variation number two, takes the idea from a digital app design to a logo reminiscent of the space program. Each circle represents an island - here each color represents the different industries that BULA supports: healthcare, pharmacy, banking, etc. The logo is forward thinking and fresh and could even be imagined on the tail section of the space shuttle.

The symbol of a network in this case not only represents an information network, but a safety net that prevents people from drowning under regulations. Similar to the previous approach, this approach is based on future oriented companies and aimed to withstand an extensive brand lifespan. It immediately invokes images of sci-fi films where an insignia like this would be seen on the lapel of an official or space agency.

Revision: Simplify

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