Focus on Lyme Case Study

The Objective

Collaborate with the owners and scientific team to reflect the growing vision of the company. Lyme disease is spread by ticks and display varying and inconsistent symptoms, including flu-like symptoms, facial drooping, and target shaped rashes. It is very difficult to diagnose, as the current test delivers 50% false negatives. Focus on Lyme is on track to develop the most accurate test for Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases, managing everything from the fundraising to the collection and processing of blood samples to the development of the diagnostic itself. With such a large scope of participants, the website needed to appeal to funders, donors, and scientists, all while maintaining a cohesive brand. 

While the previous website communicated the necessary information, it felt sterile and lacked a human personality. The color scheme was restricted to lime green and dark grey, and all the photography was treated in black and white. Our goal was to communicate the same information but transform the brand into something more hopeful and optimistic. Since they are frequently holding events, the brand needs to be flexible enough to individually brand each event but remain associated with the parent brand.

In addition to the general brand refresh, we needed to mind the future growth of the company. In their process of developing the new diagnostic, they started a biorepository, and have held multiple blood draws to collect samples for future reference. With this in mind, the new website needs to be able to adapt as this endeavor grows or as new subdivisions of the brand develop.

The fundraisers put on by Focus on Lyme range from galas, to scientific conferences, to charity golf tournatments


Imagery and image treatment played a huge role in the humanization of this brand. The images needed to be trustworthy and science based to appeal to scientists and technicians, but also friendly and entertaining for donors or viewers seeking education.


The limited color palette of grey and green stifled the brand. It was important to develop a palette based in the existing concept, but expand it into something more friendly and flexible.

Old Palette

New Palette



The typography of the previous website was also limited and monotonous, consisting of one sans-serif and one serif typeface of the same weight throughout the entire site. Our new approach keep the same sans-serif typeface used in the logo, but the serif has been replaced with a thinner slab-serif providing more contrast, and an additional secondary headline script typeface was added for pages aimed at donors to provide a friendlier tone.

Old Typography

New Typography

Finalized Website

Old Website

New Website