Metier Case Study

mé·tierˈmāˌtyā,māˈtyā/.  an occupation or activity that one is good at."she decided that her real métier was grand opera"synonyms: forte, strong point, strength, specialty, talent, bent; informalthing, cup of tea.


"I wanted something when I started thinking of this that stood out because in Pharmacy (I’ve grown up in it my entire life 17 years I industry) it’s always so Blah. I wanted something that stuck out and would showcase what pharmacy is and what it can be. I didn’t focus on the primary definition I focused on the secondary definition: specialty."


Passionate • Funny • Confident • Fun • Caring • Successul • Commited 


"I believe I solve a problem of breaking out pharmacy into a healthcare destination. I want to be more of a one-stop shop. Destination for where people can come to have blood work done, blood pressure, medication therapy management where they can feel free to come and ask questions that provides them with a comfortable environment to do it. They can’t go to CVS and get this kind of care. I want this kind of independent I want to bring back that environment to pharmacy."





Retro-Modern approach. The script has french origins and reflects the time-honored tradition of specialty practices. The san serif PHARMACY CO. harkins back to the days of independent department stores and main street business.

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Alternate Strategies

A more mid-century approach in keeping with the eclectic nature of Arcadia. The lettering harkins back to 1920s france while the orange and blue are very 1950s. The pill icon is reminiscent of the Contact® ads of the 1960s.

Inspired by pharmacies in scandinavia and berlin, this eclectic treatment can be amped up, toned down or juxtaposed against a vintage environment.