Nikolaev Designs

Kim Nikolaev constructs jewelry that unravels the architecture and essential mysteries of botanical elements. In her Atelier, Nikolaev, both a sculptor and jewelry designer, brings to life the elegance and luxury of the natural world by fabricating or casting each piece of jewelry by hand. Because her artisanal creations are informed by what she finds and is inspired by during mountainous hikes, she uses only sterling and fine silver, karat gold, bronze, and gems including black diamond to demonstrate the majesty she sees in an agave bloom and a seed pod. 



The goal of both the logo and website is to design something that mirrors the way Nikolaev bridges the world of nature and luxury, sentimentality and rationality, the masculine and the feminine. She is meticulous and intentional with the details of each piece in order to exhibit the beauty of the biological world. Hence, there is a forging of the chic, delicate nature of her pieces with the industrial, durable nature of their formation. 


In this approach we combine the softness of a signature with the strong luxury brand feel of capital letters.  It is softened once again with the lowercase phrase "nature constructed." Througout there is a blend of masculine and feminine energies inspired by the softness of botanical elements forged in metal.


Russian Luxury

This approach is a nod to the artist's Russian heritage. The E is reversed in as a reflection of russian characters. The A and E are the first two vowels in Western language they represent the beginning of communication.


The simplicity of design is consistent with luxury brands and one could imagine this logo stamped into jewelry having a heirloom quality. 

Metal Leaves

This design is reflective of the artists work. Botanical forms are reduced to thier essential shapes and are repeated. So too are the leaves here that carry a strong, manufacturered feel yet still retain an organic quality. Their softness is in contrast to the more masculine capital serif font letters. 

Simple Sentiment

This approach reflects a simple sentimentality contrasted against a strong serif font. It illustrates an elegant femininity against a strong masculine concept.