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A message from our founder Tony Felice: 


"I'm an art school dropout who many years later graduated from the college of engineering with honors ... and now I make art for a living. Go figure. But that's life. Find your passion and do it for a living. My passion is observing and then articulating what I've observed on behalf of my clients in beautiful ways that grow their business.


I have the brain of a scientist and the heart of an artist.


I've been in business for myself long enough that I know what it truly takes to have staying power.


I've seen my clients industry's go through so many things (recession, changes in consumer buying habits, pressures from the internet, etc.) that inform the choices we make for them.


I've seen almost every gimmick there is and I know how to help them navigate one of the most complex systems: marketing." 





(ART + SCIENCE)                       = MAGIC

At the Felice Agency we are a team made of up artists and scientists who bring together those two disciplines to create magic. The faith part is the combination of core values and mythology around your company that compels people to buy your stuff and take you seriously. It's the emotional part of what you do and what we get to celebrate for you. 


We call it return on emotion or ROE.

There is great power in the words we choose and the images we share and the story we tell. We get to do that for a living. That's incredible.





Consistently ranked among the most highly rated PR and Marketing Agencies by:


Ranking Arizona

Arizona Foothills Magazine


Finalist: WP Carey Spirit of Enterprise Award

Finalist: Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Impact Award

AAAME Academy Graduate Class 15


Tony Felice
Tony Felice

Founder and Chief Creator

Named one of "20 People to Know in Marketing and Advertising by Phoenix Business Journal."

Tim San Felice
Tim San Felice

Chief Operations Officer 

Dana Pelps
Dana Pelps
Chief Publicity Officer
Clairemonte Communications

Patrick Fuller
Patrick Fuller
Chief Video Production Officer

Kim Foster
Kim Foster
Creative Direction Consultant, Consumer Products

Heather Locke
Heather Locke
Chief Web Team Officer
Hammersmith Support at Felice Agency

Tyler Braunschweig
Tyler Braunschweig
Director of Creative & Technical Services
Ashlee Singleton
Manager, Business Development & Publicity

Mary Holden
Mary Holden
Managing Editor 
stephanie greenspan
Stephanie Greenspan

Operations Manager

Cheri Harrison

Social Media Engagement Manager

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