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Why authentic storytelling matters.

Communication. It's sending a vibration out, that is received, interpreted and returned to the sender with the receiver's vibration/intention attached. By interpreting the vibrations two things happen simultaneously. One: our brain's logically decipher images and sounds and logically assemble them and place them into categories of meaning based on recognized patterns. Second: Our brains are flooded with hormones that attach resonance to the meaning and stimulate empathy, compassion and love. Note: We only focus on positive communication here because that's what we do as marketing people.

But why is this meaningful and why is it so important that we not screw it up?

Because a lot is at stake. It's subtle.

Beautiful art.

It can bridge the distance of time, space, understanding.

Here is why that means something. Don't let the title mislead you, this is as much about the intimate beauty of true communication as it is an argument for why Arrival is brilliant movie-making. Some time later, we'll make the connection to PR and Marketing, but for now...


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