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The Elephant in the Room

We are incredibly excited to announce the rebranding project for Adopt Technologies. A few times a year, Tony is hired as a CMO for a company to come in and either turn it around or move it into a new direction designed to grow the business and make it more profitable.

Too often people think of a brand as either something very complicated or overly simple. A brand is not a logo. A brand is the sum total of all things you know about and feel about a company, the service or goods it provides and how you feel about how they FEEL about you. The operative word here being feel.

He went inside the company and researched all he could find about the company, it's business practices, lines of business, opportunities and key players. Then he formed a series of hypothesis about the industry and about the opportunity for the company here in the Valley. Then he used a series of explorations to come to some conclusions about messaging and the "big idea" of Adopt Technologies that is wrapped in it's why.

He chose an elephant as the perfect metaphor for the company. Elephants have a close knit family circle they have long memories (like data storage) and are gentle yet protective. The elephant also represents the behemoth nature of data - fully 99 percent of all data created that exists in the world was created in the last two years.

Find out more about the case study and how Tony approached this brand by clicking the link here.

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