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Dr. Spann on NBC Charleston: Tips on Addressing School Shootings with our Children

As the nation responds to the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas -- families are left grappling with how to explain to their children this horrific act of violence in a setting that is meant to be a safe haven. While devastating, these conversations are increasingly important in light of these recurring school shootings.

Dr. Spann discusses:

  • When a tragedy like this occurs, it shatters our view of where we feel safe and where we feel safe and secure leaving our children.

  • We are in collective mourning for the loss of lives, and it’s natural to feel sad, angry, and frustrated.

  • As adults and caregivers, we have many unanswered questions ourselves, and we also have to be a source of support to each other and our children.

Watch the full interview to hear Dr. Spann's suggestions and warning signs parents should look for when it is time to seek help.


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