Prophecy Case Study

Strategy #1

Juxtaposing harmonious with startling imagery, message and metaphor, awaken the passion and urgency of a new generation of would-be investors to the possibility of creating wealth that also creates the greatest good. 

Do you dream?


Do you feel the heart thump of the world? And does it beat inside of you?

Do you feel the world’s possibility?

It’s hurt?

It’s wonder?

Do you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and know it grows dreams?


If you could soothe the troubles of those you’ve never met, would you?

The mighty needs of the few are no trumpet to the scarcity of the many.

Go forth and be rewarded for doing good

The prophesy is real, the abundance is now.

Logo Sketches

Final Design



Strategy #2

Using the wisdom of contemporary, living sages and stunning, sometimes startling imagery, vividly portray the values that bind the oldest and youngest generations together in the common human desire to make the world a better place for future generations.