The Objective

Tourist Home, Annex and Tinderbox are all brands owned by a single company. Taking the essence of each brand as well as the personality of real estate developer and restaurant owner Kevin Heinonen into consideration, our task is to be referential to the other brands while creating something distinctly separate. 

The term PROJECTS is used because of the brands' association with redevelopment and transforming old buildings into new uses. So much so that each "project" has contributed to the sense of place of downtown Flagstaff and by their own rights are responsible for much of the redevelopment and vitality now enjoyed by the south side of the railroad tracks. 

We incorporate the spirit of place making by referencing signs and way finding in the visual elements as well as the humor and sensibilities of the other brands. 

Existing Brands

Design Rev. 1

Be the One They Talk About

This version combines the idea of place making with a spot on a map as identified on your smart phone as well as the conversations that exist in really cool spaces. Also I've personally seen the number of people who genuinely like Kevin and stop in to see him and have a friendly conversation. 

The aesthetic is reminiscent of the 1950s a time where the best places were on Main Street and conversation with your neighbor was common practice. In person that is cause that's when the best exchanges happen.

Design 1

Motown? What about Our Town

This version combines the retro aesthetic of Motown which defined an entire city with the art deco elements traditionally found in Flagstaff Arizona, The design is reminiscent of a street crossing and the way finding suggests that the projects have a purpose beyond being buildings or businesses but actually define a place. 

Design 2

Schoolhouse Rock in the House

This version is reminiscent of the humorous self effacing cartoons of the 1970s that taught school children everywhere the basics of social studies and civics, without which many Gen Xers would have no clue about how their government works. By making something technical accessible to school kids, school house rock had a profound impact on how children who became adults would be involved in their own communities. Sadly that brand ended but now ours begins. Also referenced here are architectural drawings and blue prints. 


This approach uses humor as a brand extension to once again soften what could otherwise be described as a somewhat formal company. This brand is less iconic than the other designs but its casual approach is fun an memorable. 

Design 3

Coolness at 75 RPM

This version has all the hallmarks of retro place making and our jumping off point is the marriage between a wine label, and 45 record label. The pin in the center marks the spot where cool things are born. 

The Metropolis inspired fonts support the idea that we are talking about the city and things the live in the city. The colors are very representative of depression era colors seen throughout Flagstaff.