Stellar Marketing & PR Services in Phoenix, AZ

We know that marketing can be overwhelming and standing out is critical--we are all competing for share of attention. The Felice Agency specializes in finding creative and beautiful ways to solve marketing challenges. We believe in subtlety and the small degrees it takes to go from skimming the surface to flying.  

Website Branding Service Example



When it absolutely positively needs to be there overnight. What is Federal Express selling? Package delivery? Yeah, but what else? L-O-V-E. That’s right. They think your stuff is so important they will kill themselves to get it there overnight. What is your purpose for being and how do you change the world?


Here’s a secret; what are the two things you must express to have a really awesome brand? Just two. Want to know? Okay. Courage and Compassion. We help you be courageous and compassionate. You want to connect on a deeper level with your customers. We give you key insights on how the very essence of you should be expressed. We will help you develop a position statement that sets you apart.


Experience: Rockit Productions,, Water414inc,, Yumberi Yogurt,,,,, Tinderbox Kitchen, Annex Cocktail Lounge, Tourist Home Market, THAT Place Projects, The Scooter Girl, DAYCO,

Web Design Service in Phoenix AZ

Web Design


Form follows function. The User Experience must be tied to the User Interface in such a way that it is intuitive and seamless. Our award-wining designs show off our client's brands while making them a delightful user experience. 


Experience: Rockit Productions, Brothers Tailors,, Water414inc,,,,,,, Orangetheory Fitness, Coup Des Tartes, Tinderbox Kitchen, Annex Cocktail Lounge, Tourist Home Market,, Bula Law, AAEC

Branding Service in Phoenix AZ

Brand Engagement


Social media is about more than fans and likes, it's about serious engagement that is designed to curate images and conversations about your company. We develop an editorial calendar and monitor conversations so that we can pivot our marketing strategies accordingly. Our mobile marketing texting campaing comprises the widely familiar number 90210. 


Experience: Orangetheory Fitness, Hulas Modern Tiki, Coup Des Tartes,, Tinderbox Kitchen, Annex Cocktail Lounge, Tourist Home Market.

Strategic Communications Services in Phoenix AZ

Strategic Communications


Whether you are entering new markets, looking for crisis communication, strategic direction, building a communication strategy for employees or for investors, or you need to media train executives. We have experience leading communications for some of the best companies.  From small manufacturing companies to global corporations. We can assist you.


Experience: Microchip, Community Tire Pros, Chrysler Motors Corporation, Water414inc, Phelps Capital

Brand Marketing in Phoenix AZ

Brand Marketing


We are experts in delivering bottom line results to brands. Whether you seek to increase attendance, develop new market segments or expand your market dominance, our clients have seen an increase from 18% to 85% within 14 months.  We have particular strength in retail brands, kids, entertainment and restaurants. 


Experience: Arizona Abribusiness and Equine Center, Hula's Modern Tiki, Community Tire Pros, Coup Des Tartes,, Local First Arizona,, PhelpsBuysHomes, Titanic the Expedition.

Cause Marketing in Phoenix AZ

Cause Marketing


Whether preventing childhood blindness, combatting bullying through advocacy and education or developing new ways to treat water so that communities can be independent and safe drinking water can be provided to citizens, it takes a team with passion, connections and experience to turn your cause into a conversation that increases membership, raises money and impacts lives.


Experience: Frends of Verde River Greenway,, StopBullyingAZ, the Dion Initiative for Childhood Wellbeing and Bullying Prevention, Arizona State Fair,, Arizona Science Center, AZ Sci-Tech Festival, MakerFaire, Focus On Lyme, AAEC Early College High School and Equestrian Center, AIDS Walk, Aunt Rita's Foundation, Phoenix Fast Track Cities Initiative.



We specialize in generating news coverage for our clients in ways that impact the bottom line. Rather than generating news for news sake we identify the strategy first and then develop deep, enduring relationships with news media that cover our brands time and again. 


Experience:,, SkinneePix, Coup Des Tartes, Hula's Modern Tiki, Local First Arizona, the Dion Initiative for Childhood Wellness and Bullying Prevention, FocusOnLyme, VisionQuest 20/20, Arizona State Fair, AIDS Walk/Aunt Rita's Foundation, Phoenix Fast Track Cities