The Felice Agency Marketing Services FAQ

Our Services

Does your agency do print advertising in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, our graphic designers can create on-brand print ads for your business, whether that’s for magazines, newspaper, postcards, or other print media.

Does your agency do web design in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, our award-winning web and graphic design teams can create new sites or refresh existing sites. We work primarily on the Wix platform (we are a preferred partner for Wix) but we can also build your site on Wordpress, Shopify or many of the other online website platforms.

Does your agency design logos for Phoenix businesses?

Yes, our graphic designers have created new logos and branding for many businesses in Phoenix and San Diego. We specialize in our branding process that helps business owners get to the essence of their brand. We match you to one or two of 13 typical brand archetypes and then take you through our patented process to discover the essence of your company and create your brand position, brand purpose, tagline and logo design.

Can your agency do local advertising in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, we can help you get your ads in local Phoenix media like newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, TV, radio, and more. Our graphic designers and copywriters can take care of the designs and content, and our advertising/branding team can plan the ad campaign with you. We can also establish media buys in major markets across the United States.

Does your agency work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and NGOs?

Yes, we are proud to have partnered with many organizations that do public good. Our marketing team has helped organizations with awareness campaigns about issues like women’s equality, anti-bullying, nature conservancy, clean beaches, toy drives, and more.

Do you work with real estate agents and real estate developers?

Yes, we provided marketing services to real estate agents and home/building construction companies in Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA.

Does your agency work with restaurants and the food services industry?

Yes, our agency has helped many restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. with their marketing and branding, including logo design, menu design, advertising campaigns, Public Relations and more.

Does your agency work with law firms and lawyers?

Yes, our agency has experience with website design, marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations for lawyers and law firms.

Does your agency work with executives?

Yes, we offer an unique executive branding service. Learn more. In addition, Tony Felice can serve as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer for your company, guiding you in making all the appropriate marketing decisions for your company based on strategy, planning and satisfying your personal and business objectives.

What’s the difference between branding and marketing?

Marketing is broadly how a business researches its potential and existing customers to figure out how to get them to buy products and services and uses a variety of platforms to get that message out there, nurture prospects into conversion, strengthening sales and customer service processes and generating repeat business. It also includes the functions of social media and public relations. Branding is an aspect of marketing. Branding refers to the distinctive name, logo, imagery, aesthetic, colors, fonts, etc. that identify a business. A deeper approach to branding also examines how your brand evokes emotions and gains the trust of customers. These associations in the minds of customers become an intangible asset. Branding is an important aspect of marketing and any other interactions a customer might have with your business, such as service visits or customer support. It is the essence of storytelling and brands must be developed so that the brand promise equals the brand experience.

What’s the difference between advertising and marketing?

Advertising is an aspect of marketing. Advertising is making your product known to the public or your intended audience. Classic examples are the print ads in magazines, newspapers; signs and billboards; ads run on radio; or commercials on TV. Today, ads are also online in the form of banners or videos, especially on social media.

What’s the difference between PR and branding?

Public relations (or PR) is how your business deals with other organizations and the general public to maintain a good reputation. Branding is the identity your business develops so people think or feel a certain way about it. In practical terms, PR tends to involve interacting with media like the newspapers and TV stations, sending out press releases, and addressing any questions or concerns the public might have about your business (such as during a crisis). Branding plays a role in PR, but has more to do with maintaining a consistent identity as a business through consistent visuals (logos, visual style, colors, fonts,) and tone (messaging and mission).

What if I have budget restrictions?

We appreciate that budget constraints can be a real concern. We can help you determine what your greatest needs are and customize a plan to meet your budget. We understand the importance of businesses creating and maintaining a solid identity as well as brand and marketing strategy and are here to help.