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We like to call it total brand management. Driving people to your website and to your business takes more than scheduled social media posts, a few ads, and a bunch of prayers. 

It takes a group of minds with experience, passion, and an understanding of strategy. 

We do not take a cookie-cutter approach. Every client is different, every location, every audience.

We will chart your course based on what your heart desires, develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs, and design and deploy the most amazing creative tactics to drive you to success.

You are here because 1) you feel overwhelmed, or 2) you know you need to be doing something but what? or 3) you've been abused and you still need help. You can relax. You are safe and in good hands. 

Internet Marketing Phoenix

Marketing at Felice Agency. 

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What does your heart want?

A legacy? 

New markets?


Set up for acquisition?


What mark are you leaving?

What story is being told?

How will people feel?


Why are we doing this?

What is our call to action?

How are we leveraging our assets?

What are our opportunities?


Which ad channels and why?

Which platforms?

What nurture sequence?

How many?

Who's monitoring?




Automotive: Establish the brand and take a small four location $2mil auto repair company to seven locations and $25 million. Deepen existing market, expand into LGBTQ Market.

Tech: Rebrand tech company with no story and establish it as a dominant player in the Phoenix market. Secured many major awards including Forbes Best 200 Consulting Companies, Inc 5000 (4x) and others. 



Medical: Leverage content to drive prospects. Assist client with finishing manuscript, hiring editors, finding a publisher and managing launch of new book in addition to marketing funnel development for nursing homes seeking epidemiologist consulting.  

Restaurant: Rebrand failing restaurant, bring two other brands under one new company--conceive of and name and brand new company and drive new customers to existing restaurants. Restaurant group thrives and has expanded to two more additional restaurants. 


Retail: Assist owners with decisions regarding buildout, branded the business, negotiated vendor contracts, drove business to new location. Instagram driving new customers every day.

Retail: Establish a new restaurant concept. Brand design and marketing funnel development as well as vetting and managing delivery companies Door Dash, uberEats and Chow Now. . 



Non-Profit: Establish a new non-profit from scratch. Secure non profit status from IRS, develop company structure, branding, marketing and create partnerships to expand reach and impact. 

Tech: Rebrand tech company with no story and establish it as a dominant player at industry satellite shows. Design all creative including Exhibit Booth and display materials, website design and development and prospect strategies.


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