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Cooking Lunch


With Tony Felice & Doreen Fang

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What happens when two seasoned veterans come together and start the second part of their life?  This is the story of Doreen Fang, a top 10 Finalist on the Food Network Star and featured Chef on The Morning Blend in Las Vegas and Tony Felice, entrepreneur and owner of a successful advertising agency.

"Second Act Scratch," is both a metaphor and a reality. It represents the choices we all have once we have achieved a bit of success and find ourselves asking the question "shit, what's next?"


Often these choices are precipitated by drastic change. For Tony it was struggling with losing his mother to cancer. Too young and too awful for someone so wonderful. And for Doreen, it's about her passion for food, finding her voice and having the courage to be her most authentic self. 

Tune in each episode, where we ask the question: What story created this recipe? 


Because every recipe has a story.



What happens when you reinvent yourself, by finally being your true self?


"The whacky, wonderful, and loving: Doreen Fang. My dear buddy all these years. I forgot to count, LOL "-- Tony Felice

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Proceeds benefit the Jack & Wynne SanFelice Foundation and the Bonnie Fang Foundation.

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Act I - Tony & Doreen cook one of Tony's dishes and discuss life. On video (in the future) Doreen may use ASL as she learns. Until video Tony and Doreen will describe what they are doing so it will be interesting and funny to see if they can do these things simultaneously and not screw it up while effectively cooking in the dark.

ACT II - As they review the recipe and make notes, they discuss what they learned, what they messed up and how to fix any mess. They will cover topics that any home cook may talk about. The food is prepared for themselves. Listeners will be able to download recipes and instructions as well as art and sketches and the actual pages from Tony & Doreen's hand-written or transcribed cook books. Guests may join them in Act II of the show.


Tony's Cuisine:


Tony's Southern Maryland Italian Kitchen:

How to use simple, organic ingredients, mixed in unusual ways to reflect the depth and complexity of life in a dish. It is a nod to Tony's upbringing in Calvert County Maryland, his Italian/Irish heritage and his love other cultures, people and international cuisines -- all made especially for those with moderate incomes. 


Doreen's Cuisine:


"A Squeeze and A Dash,"  - how to make extraordinary dishes from a fusion of feelings ideas and flavors.  A rich tapestry of heritage, global ingredients, and always a dash of love and philosophy from a seasoned veteran of television, of cooking and of life.

Discussions about Grief:


Both Tony & Doreen lost their mothers and the significant rift in their psyche and their identity is being channeled into this creative pursuit.

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