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Fire Department & Emergency Services Support
We are experts in recruitment, marketing & leadership.

For more than 15 years, we have provided support to America's most important fire service organizations. We have worked with more than 150 individual fire and emergency services departments as well as the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and multiple state fire chief associations.

We can assist with the following

  • Website Design, Development, Hosting and Support.

  • Branding Your Department for a Competitive Edge

  • Public Affairs Advisement

  • Marketing and Creative Design

  • Marketing for Recruitment 

  • Training Department Personnel on Recruitment and Retention Strategies

  • Succession Planning

  • Leadership Training (through our partnership with the Brave Fire Leader Academy).

To date, we have exceeded our recruitment objectives in every state in which we have provided support. We have 'rescued' many departments and helped them create new websites, leverage social media for recruitment, leverage Ai to develop impactful recruitment messaging for career and volunteer firefighters. We can help even the most rural communities overcome issues such as poor internet connections, dependence on Satellite communications, limited department resources, and strategies for engaging the public from a position of authority and trust. 

If you hire us, you can count on our commitment to excellence. 

In just the last three years we have successfully recruited more than 1,000 new recruits and assisted hundreds of departments.

Here's why working with Felice Agency can transform your fire department's recruitment, branding and marketing efforts:

  1. Expertise in Fire Department Recruitment Marketing: Felice Agency brings years of experience in crafting customized marketing strategies specifically tailored to fire department recruitment efforts or to help departments grow their brands influence. Our team understands the unique challenges and requirements of attracting highly skilled firefighters. By leveraging our expertise, we can help you create compelling recruitment campaigns that resonate with prospective candidates, reaching a wider pool of qualified individuals.

  2. Innovative Digital Solutions: We understand that today's candidates are increasingly active online, seeking information and opportunities through digital channels. Felice Agency excels in harnessing the power of digital marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and targeted advertising to reach potential firefighter recruits effectively. Our data-driven approach ensures that your fire department gains maximum exposure and engagement from candidates who possess the desired skills and dedication.

  3. Strong Focus on Branding and Storytelling: At Felice Agency, we firmly believe that every fire department has a unique story to tell. We specialize in crafting authentic and compelling narratives that highlight the values, achievements, and community impact of your fire station. By strengthening your brand image and effectively communicating your department's mission, we can attract candidates who align with your core values and are motivated to make a difference.

  4. Holistic Leadership Development: Recruitment is just the first step in building a strong and sustainable fire department. Our agency offers comprehensive leadership development programs, specifically designed for fire department leaders, officers, and personnel. Through targeted training, coaching, and mentorship, we aim to empower your team, enhance their leadership skills, and foster a culture of excellence within your department.

  5. Measurable Results and ROI: We understand the importance of measurable outcomes and return on investment. Our agency utilizes cutting-edge analytics and tracking tools to monitor the performance of your recruitment campaigns continually. This data-driven approach allows us to optimize strategies, identify areas for improvement, and deliver quantifiable results that positively impact your recruitment efforts.

Web Design & Development

We have worked with multiple state fire chiefs associations to support their recruitment efforts by building, hosting and maintaining their department, or recruiting websites. 

IAFC Movement copy.jpg


Brand Building Leads to Power and Influence

We are the team that had the privilege of designing the 150th Anniversary Logo for the International Association of Fire Chiefs under the direction of IAFC Board

President Chief Donna Black

IAFC 150 YEAR Anniversary Logo RGB-04.png


We have worked with multiple state fire chiefs associations to support their recruitment efforts. This includes training member departments, monitoring application submissions and leveraging advertising strategies. 

We also have experience working under SAFER grants and other outside funding mechanisms that require specific reporting and KPIs.

tony felice providing training on fire recruitment.JPG

Marketing & Recruitment Training

We have trained more than

150 fire and emergency departments on:

Maximizing Your Website

Leveraging Public Affairs for Sustainability

Brand Building for Power and Influence

Recruitment Strategies

Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Recruitment

Setting up a Successful Recruitment EcoSystem

Leadership Training

We are proud to partner with Kelly Walsh and Dan Jones to provide in-person as well as online leadership training through their Brave Fire Leader Academy. Kelly and Dan have trained thousands of emergency service leaders. Through our partnership we can include training for leaders on Brand Building and Performance Marketing in Addition to the Full Suite of Education Services offered by Kelly Walsh Consulting.

Brave Fire Leader Academy.png

Sample Creative Suite

The following is a sampling of the creative designs and materials we make available to our departments. This is only a sample, we can create new designs based on your budget and your needs. 


Print Materials

Print Material design

Yard Signs

These can be printed on durable plastic at Staples, or your local printer. 

Business card design

Business Cards

Either of these business cards can be printed and handed out so the recipient is more likely to keep it in their wallet for later reference. Two designs available. 

Buckslips design


Easily inserted into envelopes, these can be given to nearby businesses who might insert them into their invoices or correspondence or in collaboration with your local utility company who may insert them into bills to residents. 

Recruitment Poster design

Recruitment Poster

This poster can be printed and given to main street and other businesses to hang in a prominent place

Recruiting brochure design

Recruiting Brochure

Whether used in print or digitally, this brochure goes into greater detail than the other materials. 

Digital Materials

Facebook cover photo design

Facebook Cover Photo

This image can be downloaded and used as your Facebook Cover photo on your department Facebook Page

Facebook profile frame design

Facebook Profile Frame

By following this link, anyone can add this frame to their own personal photo as the sample below illustrates. (Below is an example of what your photo would look like)

Social media share image design

Social Media Share Image

This image can be used in all of your recruiting efforts online. You can download below!

Digital advertising graphic design

Digital Advertising - All Sizes

These ads can be used in all of your recruiting efforts online. You can download below!

Banner ad graphic design
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