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Influencer Marketing Felice Agency. 

1 Million Likes and Counting
Candle Store Owner

83% of consumers 
completely or mostly trust recommendations from family, colleagues and friends about companies, brands and products – making them the highest-ranked source for trustworthiness.
(Source: Nielsen)

Influencer Marketing.

Starting an Influencer or Brand Ambassador Program can seem like an intimidating task. After all, these programs are relatively new to the marketing world. In addition, the term “brand ambassador” can mean different things to many people. 

Consumers naturally turn to familiar faces for brand recommendations because they are less likely to be promoting something only for their personal gain. 

We hand select Influencers who are passionate about helping companies grow, not just make a buck off of someone else's ideas.  Our influencers are also business professionals and they understand how difficult it is to get people to look in a chaotic, busy world.

A few examples. 
Reach out and let us know what you are looking for from an influencer, chances are good we have a match.
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Doreen Fang (pronounced phong) is a hilarious and authentic Television Celebrity Chef. A top 10 finalist on the Next Food Network Star she can be seen on social media and on Las Vegas Television where she produces a cooking segment that could feature your brand. 

Total Social Media Following: 10,327

TV Influence: 1 Million Plus

Rachel Reilly is a beloved Television Reality Star. is an American television personality, talk show host, actress, and reality show participant. Reilly appeared in two seasons of the U.S. edition of the reality TV series Big Brother, winning season 13 in 2011.[2] She has also participated in two seasons of The Amazing Race with her husband Brendon Villegas, placing third both occasions. 

Total Social Media Following: 650,000+

Influence: 1 Million Plus

Jill Schildhouse is an award-winning food writer and freelance journalist with 20 years of professional experience in both agency and corporate settings. The majority of her career has been in print publishing, where she has covered such topics as travel, beauty, automotive, healthcare, fitness, personal finance, food science, home and garden, and supply chain management. She can be hired for social media posting or writing and/or story placement.

Total Social Media Following: 10K+

Print Influence: 1 Million Plus


What is an influencer Program?

An Influencer Program is a standardized process we created to find, recruit, manage, pay, and track the success of brand ambassadors.

Having a well-defined process helps companies onboard and work with ambassadors effectively. This way, brands can keep recruiting efficiently without having to plan each time it happens.

How does it work?

We match you with an influencer who has a following that will benefit your brand.​

You hire them through us to produce a certain number of posts on the best platform for you.  Or in the case of our celebrities, they may include your brand in a news segment that reaches millions.

We provide you with the analytics (we can even include special QR codes that are GPS trackable.

You can contract with our influencers once or even better for a small monthly retainer that includes a certain number of posts and a certain number of engagements. Often influencers may have a smaller number of followers but HUGE engagement. 

Fees are base on the influencer and the opportunity and are affordable for small business or big brands. You get a post on three platforms.

We report back to you and you pay us, we then pay our influencers.

Pink Screen

So you want to be an influencer?

We are looking for influencers, men and women to be brand ambassadors.

You need a combined following of at least 20,000 and with a high engagement rate.

How does it work?

We match you with a brand who has customers who will benefit your authentic influence.

You are hired by us (on behalf of our client) to produce a certain number of posts on the best platform for you.  Or in the case of our celebrities, you might include our client's brand in a news segment or other project that reaches millions.

You will be paid a minimum of $500 for 3 posts and your earnings can go up from there. 

Some of our clients may wish to engage you on an ongoing basis.

Every influencer you refer to us that signs with us will get you a bonus on the first day the client pays. Bonuses start at $250 and as high as $1500.

We pay you via Venmo or PayPal.

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