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About The Felice Agency. 



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It Begins with a Story. 

Stretching back to our primeval past, human beings have gathered around the fire and told stories to enchant, delight, and inspire. Stories of heroism, of overcoming obstacles and setting out on quests to achieve mighty purposes. Or humble stories of love and compassion and redemption. Fairy tales, myths, legends, and even proverbs have all emerged from these storytelling sessions and have been handed down through the eons. 

Every story has a hero, a mentor, a quest, and a gift given by the mentor to the hero to help them on their quest. That gift illuminates the darkest dark or shields our hero from the fires of dragons. 

Stories are why people buy one product over another. But more to the point, when promises are kept, then people buy the story. What does that mean? If you tell a story of how a luxury vehicle makes you feel like a king or a queen and the vehicle lives up to that promise, then all the stories told about the vehicle are true, and the result is that people invest emotionally. 

The premise of our company also goes back through the millennia. And it relates to everything that was left behind by ancient civilizations. All that stuff that survived the sands of time can be sifted into three categories: they left behind their art, their science, and their beliefs. All three things must be in alignment, and when they do, you have a culture, a brand. A brand is the visual and emotional components that makeup everything we know and feel about a company, product, or service.  

To align the art, science, and belief, we first look at you. We delve into your personal DNA. Why did you create this company? What does it mean to you? 

Knowing Your Brand Archetype

There are thirteen brand archetypes, and one can be a mixture of two, but no more than two, or that leads to brand confusion. When we begin, you choose the two most like you and your company. 

Once we see and feel your vision, we go on a mission to make that vision a reality by developing your brand alongside you. Our agency's mission is to tell your truth without having to explain a thing. You will learn how to apply our marketing strategies using our cherished belief system that a business needs three things to succeed: Art + Science + Belief. By exploring and discovering what those are for you, we can create magic. 

We begin with an in-depth brand analysis that takes you on a self-discovery journey while simultaneously creating a vision for your brand. We ask tough questions and expect honest and often vulnerable responses, but we do this to figure out WHY you do what you do. There is always a driving force within us to continue the work we do, and by figuring out what that is, we can capitalize on it by branding your business in alignment with your WHY. That's where the real magic happens.

Uncovering Your True Brand Identity


During the branding process, you may find that the parts of yourself you keep hidden from your professional life are the very things that will take your business from good to amazing. Our clients have discovered something in these meetings that have given them the confidence to run their business as their authentic selves while never compromising their brand. Can you imagine going to work every day as yourself and never having to put on a "mask?" Brilliant!

In the end, rarely, a client does not immediately realize they identify with one or two different archetypes than they started with. 

By learning you, we learn your business: what it needs, what it doesn't, and everything in between. We are with you every step of the way and value your input, experience, and trust in us. Collaboration is how we get our job done, and we want to collaborate with you the whole way.


Once we've explored your vision together, we go on a mission to research everything we can about your business, the industry you're in, etc. This part can feel chaotic and challenging, but it's how we arrive at our solutions and ideas. Getting this out of the way, in the beginning, saves you and us so much time throughout the rest of our journey and allows us to continually collaborate and create. When roadblocks arise due to unforeseen circumstances, recession, industry challenges, etc., we can pivot accordingly without losing momentum because we took care of the "hard stuff" first. We want you to run your business without ever having to think about "is this good/bad for my brand?" That's our job, and we love what we do! 

Turning Your Brand Concept into a Reality

The deliverables that come from this journey can include: 

  • A new logo design - or modification of your existing logo (this is also called Brand Identity or Corporate Identity).

  • A new tag line (yes, tag lines are incredibly important).

  • A clearly defined brand position: what makes you different from the competition?

  • A clearly defined brand purpose: This is your why. 

  • We then express the brand with websites, stationery, brochures, advertising campaigns, graphic designs, etc. 

  • We then work with you to develop the marketing scheme: this is the science behind the marketing. 

  • Above all of it is your belief or your core values. When we align that with all the art, then it becomes your culture. 

Finally, we fully understand your best customers (using a variety of tools), and we launch the marketing and advertising campaign to achieve the stated outcomes.

If you would like to talk to us about your brand and what we can do for you give us a call. All introductory conversations are complimentary - that's when we determine if we are a good fit for each other.

About the Felice Agency

First and foremost, we are a business consultancy, and our creations make your dreams come true through our mastery of branding, business development, and marketing. Our team is proud to be the top brand agency Phoenix AZ and San Diego CA offers. Learn more about us.



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