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The objective: 

Collaborate with owners to reaffirm and expand the brand position and relevance of three distinct restaurant brands: Tinderbox Kitchen, Annex and Tourist Home. Each brand serves a specific kind of guest, but each brand lifts and supports the other concepts. 


When marketing a restaurant brand, especially several that are owned by the same company or owners, each brand must have its own distinct voice. More than any other kind of business, a restaurant most closely related to a living person.  There is an intimacy very similar to what one expects from a close friend. It is  here that we form some of our most important and lasting memories. Just like the home of a friend, we expect to be warmly greeted and for our time together to be fun, and memorable. We forgive our friends the occasional transgressions if we feel loved and if that love is consistent, unrestrained and unconditional. 


Food is the most sensual of transactions. We take sustenance in for energy but food is so much more than that. It is deeply connected to the experience of being human. In your restaurant friendships have been formed, business has been conducted, lovers have deepened their feelings, couples have become undone or reengaged, friends have laughed and enjoyed fellowship and through it all, your restaurant has been the catalyst for those deep connections.  


In the space of employees trying to be on time, complicated food temperatures, complex dishes requiring finesse, orders to be remembered, inventory to be managed—all of these things tend to take precedence in the minds of employees and owners. It’s easy to forget the heavy responsible outlined in the foregoing paragraph. You literally have to be perfect, always, because so much is at stake. 


If a restaurant is like a friend. then most troublesome friends are those who take us for granted, have no clear understanding of who they are and how they appear to others, are callous with our love or affection, disappoint us are not there for us when needed most, or we give them money that they squander, or time they don’t appreciate. When you consider this, the same connection can be made with a restaurant. From that perspective things begin to take on a deeper meaning.

When a friend is brilliant we rejoice. They are always there for us, they are consistent, they make us feel warm and wanted, special, unique and we feel lucky to have them as our friend. So too your restaurant has an important place and you must know who you are and what you represent. 


Everything points to who you are. From the silverware to the appearance of wait staff to the conditions of the restroom or the upkeep of the fixtures. They all whisper things to guests. They say, “we love you.”

Our strategy is to build a lead generation site, refresh the branding and story telling to more accurately depict the company and the e-commerce companies and retailers they serve.

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Felice Agency Restaurant Marketing

Felice Agency Restaurant Marketing

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