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Light boxes and Lit Art Directors

One of the best parts of owning an agency is being picky about who we work with. We've been customers of Tinderbox and The Annex Cocktail Lounge for many years and long after we became friends with owner Kevin Heinonen we never talked to him about the fact that we own an agency. Sometimes we just want to have a good meal and get to know people. We aren't there to pitch them. And sometimes after years of getting to know someone you just have to find a way to hitch your dreams to theirs. Not long ago Nick Williams came along and quickly took ownership of his role at The Annex. He and Kevin have created something that is more than just an extension of the Tinderbox space. It has become a brand in and of itself, with it's own narrative, it's own stories to tell. Soon after working on this account it became clear that every cocktail was special--not just hand crafted, but every ingredient lovingly original and every story began to emerge. So did the tag line. "Every cocktail is a story."

We recently spent an entire afternoon shooting the best of the best original cocktails designed by Nick Williams so that we could use the photos for many things. I used a new portable light box and shot these with my Nikkon D3000 a camera that allows art directors like me, who are better at drawing than photography, to not embarrass myself and come away with some decent footage. And yes I tasted a good many of these - hence the "lit" art director in this story.

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