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Arizona State Fair Reaches Millions

Doing good work is rewarding enough for us. We don't have to be at the top of every list so long as our clients are. We exist for them. It's so rewarding when we see our work like this doing so remarkably well for our client. This single post for the Arizona State Fair received more than 120,000 likes and nearly 500 shares. It wasn't a manufactured "viral video" or created with any other intention other than good story telling. Our social media work reached 1.2 million people on Facebook over 28 day and we added nearly 5,000 new followers.

We heard from friends and colleagues "wow, you made the State Fair cool again," "your social media was brilliant, you found a way to make the State Fair relevant again, and our favorite from Andrea Rasizer from the County of Arapaho Colorado "Hey friend, love to see all your AZ State Fair marketing. My team could learn from you with the marketing of our County Fair. You are doing a great job. In awe as always!"

Our process: We established a shot list for each day based on the ground calendar. We did our best to turn blue ribbon winners into social media stars and we supported our PR efforts by interviewing people behind the scenes and posting that content daily. We leveraged all available staff to take photos of specific things designed to support the overall message of "connection to community," as well as other key messages deemed important based on a survey we conducted earlier in the year.

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