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We Really Should Be Talking

Most of us know that Social Media plays a very large part in getting your company name and brand out there and recognizable.

Many marketing companies know creating content can be a challenge depending on the business you may be trying to promote.

We know how to be creative, it’s part of how we do what we do for our clients.

Using a beautiful photo, creating a meme, using a funny quote or simply telling their customer base just basic facts, can be challenge when the client doesn’t understand the partnership role they play. We cannot be in the restaurant for every moment so “in the moment” photography must be relegated to staff and the client must understand it’s importance. It’s not feasible for us to be there (nor would it make us any money unless we were paid for that time).

Partnership works both ways. Putting yourself in your clients shoes and thinking of yourself as part of their team is crucial to keeping that line of communication open. Not just in terms of strategy but also with the demands we are placing upon them. (For example, don’t call during the lunch rush because you forgot to ask someone to take a photo of today’s special) Not only will this help you have greater understanding of the stresses of their business, but it will also help you to accumulate information to help build your content for social media.

We are very proud to work with Tourist Home All Day Cafe, part of the THAT Projects Concepts in Flagstaff which also includes Tinderbox Kitchen and the Annex Cocktail Lounge. Not only do we collaborate with them about forthcoming events or promotions, we communicate almost daily about last minute specials which are able to quickly get posted for them and help get the word out quicker.

Recently, Lisa Valentine, General Manager at Tourist Home reached out about a last minute lunch special. We edited the photo, included the right hashtags and immediately set out on following likely sources of new and interested audiences.

The results: A few hours later, Lisa sent this exciting text about the impact our posting had on the lunch crowd.

This simple interaction with our client is what it’s all about. This is the reward.

Tourist Home customers are happy and that makes the Tourist Home team happy. If our client is happy, then of course we are happy. Why? Because we are a part of that team.

Sometimes simple communications like “so what’s going on today, is their anything I can post or promote for you?,” is that extra attention your client needs to know you are working hard for them and also provides you with the knowledge of what is going on within their business and what you can do to help.

When you are handling your clients Social Media, you aren’t posting for them, you are posting for the people they are trying to reach.

Don’t just wait for your clients to reach out to you. Being a part of the team is taking the first steps to stay ahead and keep up with what is going on in their business. Treat their customer like they are your customer because essentially they are.

Maybe James Humes, author and former presidential speechwriter said it best “The art of communication is the language of leadership”.

Lead with communication; communication is action. Your clients will see this and appreciate it.

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