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Graphic / Web Designer Needed

The Role: Creative Designer, full-time

Which artist are you? The first one has been working for about three years and loves the challenge of coming up with new ideas every day or executing on the ideas of others. He or she is well-read and has done a bit of traveling and understands the smaller the ego, the bigger the vision because the birthplace of creation is observation right? That means the bigger your field of vision (smaller ego) the more you observe and can create. This artist thrives on ideas and understands that we can only fulfill a client's hopes and dreams if we do an amazing job--no matter how many revisions. He or she is charged up about the idea of being a part of something bigger where anything is possible - both in their career at the Felice Agency or as a human being!

The second artist is very opinionated and even though they have not travelled extensively or read a lot of things they believe that have a killer instinct when it comes to design. No one is more clever than they are, and they often have a problem working for others because rarely is anyone as smart as they are. They have put in the time and effort, and they deserve what's coming to them. They know they will be an asset to the company and the client and deserve to be compensated for it; in fact, one day, they will probably run the joint. And do things the right way finally.


The Felice Agency is looking for a full-time creative designer to work alongside the Chief Creative Officer, who is also the owner of the company. The most successful candidate is the first artist described above. The second artist should probably move on.

The Felice Agency was founded 12 years ago on the principle that when art, science, and belief are aligned, that's when brands make magic. That is when companies go from good to great.

We have a beautiful, exciting office in downtown Phoenix and when you join our team, you join a close-knit family of friends. We have built a reputation as a company that keeps its promises and does exactly what it says it is going to do. We have our clients interests at heart, above our own. The founder Tony Felice was named 20 People to Know in Marketing and Advertising by the Phoenix Business Journal, and the company has been in the top PR and Marketing firms as recognized by Ranking Arizona, Arizona Foothills Magazine, the Phoenix Business Journal, and many others.

This is not your typical 9 to 5 office job, this is the perfect position for someone who has been looking for a place where their work is appreciated, their talent is celebrated, and they get to have input on all creative work done by the agency. Our team members are trusted, have autonomy, and are celebrated. Around here, we say "we" and rarely say "I."

"We created this campaign, we made these revisions, we would like to meet with you."

Must have at least 3 years of experience as well as technical proficiency in photoshop, illustrator, Adobe After Effects for video editing and sound, as well as experience working in Shopify, Wordpress and Wix with at least a fundamental understanding of how websites are built and hosted on the internet as well as a working knowledge of HTML and/or javascript.

Salary range: $38,000 to $46,000 DOE

Perks include: $175 stipend for health insurance and your phone bill

Interested candidates should send an email to

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