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A Tick an illness and a decision.

I'm so honored to have been a guest on this show with Matt, Rich and Dani - the work they are doing to bring awareness to Lyme Disease and the impact on life is so valuable. If you wish to listen on other platforms the links are on the show page link here: Tick Bootcamp Episode 35

It was not an easy decision to admit to my clients and my community that I was not well. But it has been 11 years and my agency has flourished even during times when I have faltered. I suppose I get this grit and determination from both of my parents. My mother beat cancer for ten years and my father is the strongest man I know. I worried daily that if my clients or staff felt I was not performing at my best the whole house of cards would come down. I persevered. I showed up no matter how much pain I was in. I also rested because no fool gets well quickly. And I discovered many resources about mindset to help. Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Jim Rhon, Les Brown, and my therapists / doctors Doctor Peace, Dr. Barb and Chris LaPrath. And most of all my husband Tim.

If I can take anything away from this experience, it is far less about not being well and more about how to find wellness in the midst of great sickness. Anyone who knows someone who has experienced the horror of Lyme Disease knows that it is an uphill battle with few valley's and many many boulders to push all by yourself. While you can find company along the way, and those on the sidelines willing to help, it is a boulder all ones own.

I have found through meditation, mindset, eating right and taking care of inner and outer self has helped me rebound and flourish. I focus on what I want NOT on the absence of those things. I choose gratitude instead of platitude and peace instead of war.

For the many friends, clients and family members who have been with me on this journey I give you my deepest thanks. Through this experience I have learned that I am my greatest champion but no champion wins exclusively on their own. There is a team behind them.

I love to say that We Are The Felice Agency. The word Agency means a great deal to me. Agency means that something has an intrinsic value. Webster's defines it as: the sense of control that you feel in your life, your capacity to influence your own thoughts and behavior, and have faith in your ability to handle a wide range of tasks and situations. Your sense of agency helps you to be psychologically stable, yet flexible in the face of conflict or change.

The word Felice means Joy. Felicity. Happiness. We are an Agency of Kindness and Compassion and we embody all of the elements necessary to flourish, as described above. The irony is not lost on me. I am blessed.


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