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Author Chris LaPrath's Book Re-Released on Amazon

We are delighted to announce that our author Christopher LaPrath's book Trestle Creek, Things the Dead Fear has been re-released with a new book cover, designed by our very own Tony Felice. If you have not read this tale, you are in for a treat. Be transported back in time as Chris grapples with an abusive father AND the dead who inhabit his childhood home. What ensues is a tale of terror and triumph and all the things that led to Chris becoming the divinely inspired intuitive that he is, helping hundreds "see the unseen," and to "re-pair them to their own divinity."

And if you have the book, be sure to leave a review!

Find his book on Amazon! Click Here.

Tony Says:

"I am not ashamed to say that I have a corporate intuitionist / psychic as one of my mentors. I also love seeing my designs out in the world. Christopher Louis Laprath's book is re-released featuring a cover I designed for my dear buddy. My life has been transformed through his guidance and this is the story of how a little boy, faced with a terrible father and a terribly haunted house and what he learned from the dead that he shares today, transforming hundreds of people like myself. I love this guy with all my heart. He is the real deal."--Tony Felice


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