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Subway Takes Customers to the Skies in New Campaign

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

This story was originally brought to us by the talented team at Design Rush: Subway, the renowned global sandwich chain, is taking its marketing efforts to new heights with an innovative out-of-home campaign.

Titled "Subway in the Sky," this fresh dining experience allows sandwich enthusiasts to soar above various U.S. cities aboard a 180-foot-long footlong blimp, all while savoring Subway's world-famous sandwiches. The blimp features "The Beast," one of Subway's latest Deli Hero subs, introduced in July, showcasing a generous half-pound of their freshly sliced meats.

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What's more, the blimp's gondola has been transformed into a floating restaurant, providing customers with the unique opportunity to dine 1,000 feet above the ground.

The blimp will make stops in cities such as Kansas, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami, accommodating up to six customers per "sandwich flight" and a total of 40 customers per day. If you're a Subway enthusiast eager to partake in this extraordinary dining experience, you can reserve your seat on their website.

"Subway in the Sky" serves as the crowning jewel of Subway's Eat Fresh Refresh campaign, marking a culmination of the brand's achievements since 2021 and a celebration of its future direction.

But that's not all! "Subway in the Sky" offers more than just a unique dining experience; it can also grant fans the opportunity to witness the Super Bowl in a remarkable way. This campaign enables Super Bowl enthusiasts to enjoy one of the year's most significant sporting events live in Las Vegas, all through an engaging online game accessible via the web or by scanning a QR code at a Subway branch. The game invites participants to spin a blimp-themed slot machine, with exciting prizes including a chance to attend the Super Bowl and exclusive discounts.


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