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Phoenix Business Journal: Tony Felice Weighs in on Ai and Remote Work Culture

Whether it's figuring out how to use artificial intelligence programs within the scope of what they do or deciding how much influence they need to maintain over clients' social media accounts, the job of a public relations professional challenges the individuals who pursue the career.

Along with several other Valley PR Pros, our Chief Strategist, Tony Felice, participated in Phoenix Business Journals' recent survey request by responding to the question about client communication in a remote and hybrid work environment.

"With companies working a blend of remote, hybrid, and in-office schedules, and PR firms the same, how do clients prefer to communicate these days? Are business lunches a thing of the past? Are clients officially sick of Zoom?"- Phoenix Business Journal

"I think we are all reaching the breaking point with regard to the shift in how we relate to one another. Zoom was the great equalizer to some extent — we got to interact with people in their own spaces. Nothing is more relatable than when a cat runs across a keyboard in the middle of a CEO being interviewed by a journalist. We are just now learning how people want to live and work. As for business development though, nothing beats a warm face-to-face greeting and a handshake." – Tony Felice, owner of The Felice Agency.

Read the Phoenix Business Journal's full survey results here.


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