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Felice Agency Named to Top Web Designers in the US List at No. 6

PHOENIX, Ariz (April 2, 2022)-- The Felice Agency, a Phoenix/San Diego based Creative Agency announced today that Techreviwer has named the agency to their list of 100 Top Web Designers in the United States. Coming in at number 6, this award marks the third year in a row that Techreviewer has recognized the agencies work and placed it among the best in the country.

The Techreriewer team ranks every company that passed registration on the Techreviewer platform. The main goal is to provide lists of reputable software development service providers in various industries and locations. A team of analysts ranks companies based on the publicly available information and surveys about industries done by the team. Criteria used to evaluate the companies:

  • Client references and reviews

  • Work experience

  • Organic search presence

  • Website speed and the level of user experience

  • Domain authority

  • Market presence

  • Employees reviews

Clients' references and reviews:

Customer reviews are one of the main factors that affect a company's ranking. Techreviewer analyzes the reviews on specialized sites, such as,,,,, and others. An additional source of reviews is the company profile on Google My Business. Reviews analysis helps the Techreviewer team to gain a better understanding of customers' experience with the company. Both the quantity and quality of reviews were taking into account in the analysis.

Work experience:

To evaluate a company’s work experience, they look at: Clients the company works with: size, type, global awareness of the client. Case studies: app types, technologies, domains, industries. All cases are weighted equally, and the research team takes into account all the details. Years on the market.

Organic search presence:

This factor is about the website ranking in search results and is a good indicator of the overall relevance of company services to the market's needs.

Techreviewer constantly tracks a list of certain keywords to identify providers that grow and evolve in their industry and geographic region.

Website speed and the level of user experience:

Long page load times, poor response times to user actions create a pure user experience. Waiting for content to load becomes frustrating for users and may provoke them into leaving the site or application altogether.

Techreviewer use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to analyze a company website loading speed score and go through the main web pages to understand the level of user experience the website provides.

Domain Authority:

Techreviewer uses analytics from specialized platforms for website audit, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, SERanking, SimilarWeb.

Market presence:

Techreviewer uses several criteria to evaluate market presence:

  • The company is presented clearly and professionally online

  • The presence of the company offices in different regions.

  • Awards and industry recognition

  • Social media presence

  • The company website ranking in organic search results

Employees reviews:

We analyze reviews of current and former employees of the company on specialized sites such as,,,,, and others. Employee feedback helps to understand the current dynamics in the workplace and reveals problems and frictions within a team that can affect the development process.


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