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Fulfilling Promises is Good Business

We are thrilled to bring on SKU Distribution in Chandler Arizona as our newest client. SKU is a modern fulfillment and distribution warehouse facility in Chandler. They currently have 80,000 square feet available for retailers and e-commerce businesses seeking a partner they can trust.

One of their key messages to retailers and e-commerce companies is:

"You make the promises and we fulfill them."

Nothing resonates more with us than that. Our job is to make sure the impact of what they do is felt and that it lives on. And promises fulfilled: that's something sorely missing in the world today.

SKU is lead by James Peacock (CEO) and Cathy Battreall (CFO) who have built a reputation based on trust and company culture that affords them a 99 percent effective rate. You can't expect to be effective if you don't care for and love the people that pull the items and get them where they need to go. Every time.

SKU is the local solution to supply chain issues. And we are thrilled to be a part of that.

Below is one of our early ads and incentive. (if interested in the guide, visit

I know when we have had to source these kinds of providers for our clients it's been rather difficult to find a facility you can trust.

Let us know if you have a referral. Some photos of the facility are below.


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