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Hansel + Gretel's Head Chef, Nicole Horvath: Bringing A Little Bit Of Germany to Arizona

As the first German Food delivery service in Arizona operating out of the Cloud Kitchen known as the Tempe Food Court in north Tempe, it is not as easy to see the faces of those preparing our delicious dishes.

Introducing Nicole Horvath, co-founder and one of our chefs here at Hansel and Gretel German Cuisine Delivered Fast. It's a long way from Neuenstadt, Germany, where Nicole grew up learning to cook from her grandmother and mother. Most famous, of course, was Schnitzel and Spaetzle along with cucumber salad, very traditional dishes often served on Sundays as a special family meal.

Fast-forward to today, Nicole is proud to share these delicious recipes via Hansel and Gretel. She knows exactly what she wants when the food is sent out so that her customers enjoy the best experience possible. She is very intentional about serving their food fresh and will remake any dish that is not 110% in her book. It must always be of the highest quality. When it comes to the menu, Nicole realizes changes are essential. Staying on top of what pleases the masses is necessary. Sometimes we will remove one dish and replace it with another. What works, what doesn't work? It's about the customer and what they enjoy while committing to traditional german recipes. We are all foodies of sorts. We all want great-tasting quality food that gives us a reason to return. Soon, we will be adding some new items and removing others, including serving seasonal dishes to tantalize the taste buds. Nicole is a mother and wife to the loves of her life, son Daniel, and husband Ronny Horvath, also a co-founder of this adventure. Together, they moved to Phoenix just a few years ago after coming here several times for business, and like many of us, fell in love with Arizona. Now that they are here, life is about so many new things, but they never lose sight of the very things that offered them comfort through their lives, some of which they now share with all of us. Genießen! #phoenixfoodie #tempefoodie #schntizel #spaetzle #tradionalfood #germanfood #germantraditon #fooddelivery #foodblog #fastdeliverytempe #fooddeliveredfast #phoenix #fooddeliverytempe #local #localfirstaz #germany #tempe


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