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It's More Than Just Making The List

We are proud and excited to announce that we have made the Phoenix Business Journal Book of Lists for the top LGBTQ owned businesses in Phoenix, coming in at number four.

One may ask, why do you have to be identified as a gay business? Two words: Economic Development. Dr. Richard Florida Is famous for his work at the Brookings Institution, most notably for his book entitled "The Rise of the Creative Class," wherein he establishes that America's best cities have several traits that make them suitable to attract high knowledge workers and the best companies. The number one litmus is whether or not the city has an active and vibrant gay community. This observation shocked the world back in the early 2000s.

Today we understand that the gay community has long led economic development in the best cities. We move into distressed neighborhoods; we bring cafes', galleries, design firms, performing arts organizations, etc. Once we establish a neighborhood as awesome, then developers and others look to those areas for investment.

Despite being marginalized over the years, we are still passionate about business and making the world magic. That's why we identify and celebrate gay-owned businesses.


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