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Micro-Ant's Dasha Tyshlek Talks to WRGA-AM About Upcoming I-MEC Conference in Jacksonville, FL

Dasha Tyshlek, Director of Business Development at Micro-Ant, talked with WGRA – AM to discuss the upcoming exclusive event created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Hosted by Micro-Ant, the Inventor-Manufacturer Entrepreneurship Conference (I-MEC) will take place at their Jacksonville global headquarters on August 31, 2022, and was created for the benefit of other entrepreneurs and leaders in the inventor/manufacturing community.

Technology inventorship and manufacturing is a complex, costly, and risky endeavor. At I-MEC, successful entrepreneurs can mix and discuss crucial topics for building a sustainable and scalable business for high-technology manufacturing. Practical hands-on workshops will help business owners/entrepreneurs drive growth. Speakers from several industries will be present.


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