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Number One Growth Hack for Restaurants

Do you want to know the number one growth hack for restaurants? I can tell you because we've turned struggling restaurants into icons and running in the red into record bonuses for teams.

What's the secret?

Your culture is your brand.

Sure, we work with one of the top restaurant consultants who aligns the back end (technology, training, consistency, culture) with our marketing strategy (align the art, science and beliefs/culture) and deliver consistent messaging across all of our marketing platforms.

Ultimately none of it works unless the culture/brand you create for your customers is present at the back of your house. From the fellow washing dishes, to the bartender to the server to the Executive Chef to the owner. If you don't understand your culture or if what you promise your customers is not what you give your employees you will never succeed. Period.

It's not about location, parking, the economy, minimum wage, politicians or the weather.

It's about you.

We have successful restaurants in industrial spaces, out in the middle of nowhere, or with two parking spaces or less than desirable weather conditions. They are all successful anyway.

The reason why so many restaurants fold is not because of poor marketing choices by its owners.

It's poor leadership choices.

You must build and sustain an organization centered on three things.

Are you ready?

Courage + Curiosity + Compassion = Care

Which results in: Cash

Why cash? Because if you have care in abundance, everyone is committed to success.

They start being mindful of your resources. They appreciate why profit is important. And they keep an eye on the pennies.

By watching the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves.

Motivated, happy, respected, appreciated staff will line up to make you successful. They will bring ideas, innovation, efficiencies and creativity and your guests will feel it. They will sense it. And they will love the experience even more.

Do you have what it takes to diminish your ego and lead your team? As Ken Blanchard says, Leadership is about humility and influence - not authority.

-Tony Felice

"Care Fiercely," Gary Vaynerchuk


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