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Texting can help boost your holiday sales

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Can you believe we are halfway through the year? The last few months of every year are packed with sales opportunities. But if you don't plan carefully, you might miss chances to build rapport with your customers and gain momentum going into end-of-year promotions.

Check out our sample engagement campaign below. You can also call us for a free demo, anytime!

Sample Engagement Campaign

How can you leverage holidays to boost engagement? Check out the campaign screenshots below for an example!

  1. Opt-In and Data Collection: When clients opt in to your campaign, gather information to help you personalize messages later.

  2. Themed Contests: This brand uses "National Pet Day" to reach out to clients for a fun pet photo contest with giveaway!

  3. Ask For the Sale: By holiday season, the customer has a positive opinion of the brand, and will respond better to promotions.

  4. Shared Social Responsibility: Do you partner with a nonprofit? Let customers know that you share their values!

Create Raving Fans

Most brands are in a constant battle for the attention of new and recurring customers. Businesses cannot take their audience for granted. Text-to-win campaigns are an effective way to create new fans and re-engage with lukewarm contacts, improving brand loyalty and sales.

Launch Quickly

Our texting platform makes it easy to launch short-term or ongoing contests to promote your brand. Just answer a few questions and we’ll help you manage content, contest rules, and winners for your sweepstakes. Collect numbers, emails and more, then add entrants to your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Track Engagement

Text-to-win is endlessly flexible and customizable! Create A/B text and email campaigns and track messaging ROI in the form of clicks and completed entries to tailor future campaigns and improve conversion and data collection. Ask about A/B response tracking during your demo.


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