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We have moved!

Have you seen our full page advertisement in the North Central News? We have moved around the corner from our prior office on Portland. We are now located at: 2501 N. Central Avenue, we are the headquarters of Inspired Media 360 founded by Carey Pena and we are so excited to continue to be a part of this community. We opened our doors in 2008 and since then we have always been located within the CenPho Phoenix corridor.

For everything, we have given our heart and souls.

Phoenix has reflected it back to us.

From the incredible local community of businesses to the smart folks who live here, to the incredible restaurants about which many cities are envious, and to the multi-cultural feel. Phoenix is aptly named. It is the land of a million redemption stories, the place from which we may spring from the ashes of our own individual failures to be embraced by the collective community when we rise again.

"Phoenix, you will always have my heart. Many times I have sacrificed a dollar to do the right thing, to move things in the right direction whether I would be recognized or not. It was the right thing to do. And Phoenix has responded.
We are at a place in the life of our company where we have nothing to prove, yet we prove it every day. That is the point.
That equanimity is possible because Phoenix has returned to me ten-fold what I have given. That's why we advertise in the North Central News, that's why we support the organizations we love. We are in service to an idea, and the Idea of Phoenix is that you can be anything, and you will be loved if you rise and spread your wings - not just to achieve, but to give." -Tony Felice

AND if you haven't noticed by now, we have a new website as well! Thank you for all you do to make this community special.


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