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The Stage is Set for the Biggest Talent Show in Arizona

I've loved the State Fair since I was a boy. My first job in my home state of Maryland was stable boy. I took care of the horses of a wealthy doctor and ensured they were fed, exercised, groomed and loved. I also had my first accolade as an artist when I submitted a painting in the student art show and won a blue ribbon. The first acknowledgement that maybe I had some talent in this world after all. What a lovely contrast of sweaty, dirt covered boy with straw in his hair sensitively painting a landscape with a heart big enough to be dashed should I have won nothing. Thank goodness for blue ribbons. I may not be telling you this story otherwise. #agencylife @azstatefair @feliceagency #azstatefair2017

Photo by Charles Siritho Photography

photo: Charles Siritho Photography

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