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The Felice Agency Celebrates 15 Years in Business!

The traditional anniversary gift when celebrating 15 years is the crystal, an enduring material that symbolizes the lightness, clarity, and durability of your love. How fitting that seems as we celebrate 15 years in business!

Through all of the tough times, we have always seen the light and appreciated the clarity that comes when facing a challenge head-on. We’ve pivoted time and time again to ensure our clients’ success and had their backs at every turn. We wear our heart on our sleeve and our love for what we do, what we create, and who we get to work with every day will withstand the test of time.

The modern gift when celebrating 15 years is considered to be a timepiece representing the many hours and minutes you’ve spent together as well as the years to come. Thank you to every client, staff member, and vendor, past and present who has shared time with us, we can not wait for what the future holds!


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