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The Future of Web Design

Beautiful design can help captivate and draw in an audience; however, UX design is what not only captivates users but keeps them coming back for more. Usability was the main focus for Jakob Nielsen, who developed ten heuristics for usability in 1990. Don Norman originally coined the term "user experience" (UX) in 1993. Together they are the pioneers of making the web a more user-friendly place.

What is User Experience design? According to the Interaction Design Foundation, UX is defined as:

User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create

products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating

the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.

In other words, UX design puts the user first regarding the features and functions of the site or product.

Think back to a time, most likely very recently, when you visited a website and found yourself spending an excessive amount of time trying to accomplish a simple task; this is a perfect example of poor UX design. Successful websites effortlessly blend aesthetics and usability. How likely are you to recommend a site that leaves you frustrated? More importantly, how long are your customers willing to spend navigating a poorly constructed and confusing website?

This is the typical experience you will have with the Felice Agency:


Before we begin your website, we get to know your brand by asking you deep, meaningful questions to get at the "why" of what you do.

Next, we fully understand your brand's design aesthetic and ensure that all imagery reflects the brand direction.

If you hire us to write copy, we ensure that the goals of your site and your company are taken into consideration.

We use the best available technology to ensure that the design meets all industry standards, all graphic standards, and the reasons that compel people to ACT.

Design / Build

We help you migrate to a new platform that makes sense for you or verify that your existing platform is not only meeting your needs, but above all, is rich for SEO, compliant with the most important communication standards (GDPR), and integrates with your third-party applications.

We go through a rigorous 30 point check system to ensure your website is ready for launch and visible by Google and the billions of users it has.

We go the extra step to ensure your online footprint is A-Okay and that everything will positively impact your organic search ranking and that all social media and relevant directory listings are in sync with your site.

Monitor / Protection

We install the latest pixels to ensure Google Analytics and Google Search Platform are connected to your site.

We take the extra step to ensure that you have ACCESS TO all login credentials for the most important piece of real estate you will ever own - your website and domain.

If you hire us on a monthly plan, we will monitor and report on performance as well as install any updates, patches or resolve any security issues right away.

We will also ensure that all widgets and plugins are working correctly and, if necessary, upgrade or replace them should the developer no longer support that work (it happens from time to time).

At the Felice Agency, our formula of art and science delivers the perfect blend of beauty and user-friendly design for our clients. We understand what makes a website successful and how to design for maximum usability. Whether you need a website built from scratch or a "facelift" for your existing site, we are here to help make your website one that people will be talking about for all the right reasons.


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