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Adding Sizzle to the State Fair

When we were hired by the Arizona State Fair to first measure public perception and then shift it to create a more positive image for the iconic event, we knew we had to incorporate story-telling as a bit component. We focused on shining the spotlight on the families and kids that are a part of the fair.

We established a rigorous on the ground social engagement calendar. We introduced acts live on Snap, IG and FB and we turned the behind the scenes people into celebrities.

We established a shooting schedule and send daily pitches to the media for what they could expect to see that day, as a result we generated more than a hundred news stories from television, magazine and newspaper media.

We routinely received messages throughout the Fair from people who said:

"You made the Fair cool again."

"You make me want to leave work and go to the Fair."

"I never thought I'd see people like me going to the Fair."

"I didn't realize how much emphasis is on families and kids being involved."

"Who knew you could roll pigeons!"

"The Fair is more than just crazy food, I get it now."

As a result our attendance figures met projections and our social media engagement was a staggering 1.5 million reached during the four weeks of the fair.

We hired Charles Siritho of Function Factory to create a sizzle reel like none that had ever been done for the Fair in previous years. We wanted to show milennials having fun, because in our measurement we learned the surprising fact that millenials were the group with the greatest appreciation for the Fair.

This work product executed on Tony's artistic vision flawlessly.

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