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Marketing Secret: Advertise everything you do.

Every discrete component of your communication program has the right to be special. --Tony Felice

Here, a simple white paper has been beautifully designed and is part of an advertising promotion with a trade publication serving the satellite industry. But our work is not done there. It is just beginning.

Fact is, we build an entire ecosystem around an action or an event. That's a marketing secret: Every major action or event or promotion must be branded, advertised, marketed, sold, shared, promoted and cherished.

Smart companies know that their brands are content producers. Your purpose for being is to solve problems for your customers and to celebrate that accomplishment and use it to gain new customers.

We use the same secret we use for restaurant holidays. Yes, you read that correctly. How? For every restaurant holiday we brand it, and create all the marketing components to make it successful. Think of all the components that go into launching a company and the same could be deployed when launching a new product, a new company direction, or a service offering.

Here for example, graphics (both static and animated) are designed to be used for:

  • Lead magnets and lead magnet web pages

  • Retargeting Ads

  • Display and Native Ads

  • Social Media Sharing

  • Blogging

  • Used to pitch news stories for earned media

All of these discrete actions are in service to a brand story we are promoting, but also in service to the "Big Idea" of the brand.

In this example, the big idea of Kore Composites is in its tag line:

Quality is a Reflection of Character.

For Kore, the tag line is from both the customer and the client's perspective. Kore Composites makes satellite petal reflectors and the quality is built into each product to the highest degree. In the case of Kore, the reflective surface IS the surface --- while the competition has to layer the reflective surface on top of another composite material, our client built the reflectivity INTO the materials. So in this case quality is literally the reflection of character as well as figuratively in the passion and commitment of the scientists who design and build them. To be the best, one must have character.


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