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Marketing Secret No. 7 - Sometimes the Strategy is Simply Make it Beautiful

Secret No. 7 - Making it Beautiful can be a Strategy Itself


Original site lacked the sophistication and elegance of the business.

STRATEGY. If you remember, there are four things on someone's mind when they visit your site; in this order: 1) Why should I care, 2) Why should I believe you, 3) What do you do that solves my problems? and 4) So what? If you arrived at a website for a bespoke men's tailor, the first thing you might care about is whether the image they portray is commensurate with how you feel about the style you present to the world. The very first thing we needed to do was treat the website with the same visual appeal as the beautiful clothing the tailor/designer sells.  The art had to be aligned with the science of what they do and the core values they hold dear. RESULTS.

We transformed the dated, unsophisticated website into a gorgeous and sumptuous feast for the eyes that matches the bespoke quality of the suits and high quality fabrics. We also redesigned the logo and incorporated specific elements of the trade and presented in a way that is familiar with high end luxury brands. Luxury brands are either incredibly simple and elegant or complex and fussy. They often present traditional formal images with sleek and modern font styles. Think of the complicated and fussy emblems of Porsche, Hermés and Brooks Brothers versus the simple and elegant logos of Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and BMW. Our logo design looks and feels like an emblem you'd find sewn into a bespoke shirt.    LESSON. The premise of our company is built on this idea: everything that every great civilization left behind, that survived the sands of time, can be sorted into three categories. They left behind their art, their science and their beliefs. We are certain that when a company/brand aligns its art, science and belief (more on that later) that is when the magic happens. Sometimes the best strategy is to make something beautiful, because in this example, this high-end bespoke men's tailor and designer should be beautiful.  Below is the new elegant site we designed.


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