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SKU Distribution Makes Inc 5000 for the First Time

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Aug. 16, 2022) — SKU Distribution (, a Chandler-based modern fulfillment warehouse, has made Inc. magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America for the first year ever. Ranked at number 2,079, this milestone marks an impressive achievement following a tumultuous year for many businesses as they navigate post-pandemic and recover from the “Big Quit.”

Further, 2022 is the year of alarmingly endless supply chain issues that have fueled interest in tech that promises to track problems or predict where new ones might occur. While the behemoth global supply chain is too complex, interwoven, and delicate to withstand seismic shocks as big as those we face in this decade, a new reality is forcing companies to pivot to keep goods moving.

It’s no secret that since the global pandemic began in 2020, the demand for online ordering has made a 10-year leap. Even as the world began to open up again, consumers have realized that online ordering is efficient and saves time, and local fulfillment centers like SKU have risen to the challenge. With the explosive demand for online ordering comes the demand for modern fulfillment companies that can handle scale, have the capacity to partition space quickly, and offer an advanced technical interface to be competitive.

Proper eCommerce order fulfillment is crucial for high customer satisfaction and remaining competitive. A flexible and dynamic eCommerce fulfillment partner can learn and adapt to the obstacles that come with sudden global commercial shifts. Fulfillment providers in Phoenix need to be prepared to provide advanced support, tech, and communication channels to capture fully the opportunities for the industry’s growth and the challenges it faces head-on. By providing retailers and eCommerce companies with a comprehensive buying guide ahead of time, SKU has what it takes to move Arizona forward.

James Peacock, CEO at SKU, continues to improve the lives of his employees through a culture and philosophy of paying them very well. Peacock states his employees’ lives outside of work are just as important as their lives at work. If an employee is struggling, Peacock steps in when appropriate and helps. A lot of times, that’s financial. Other times its time off with pay when they have no PTO left. The team at SKU cares deeply about their employees and has a deep conviction of wanting their quality of life to improve once they start working at SKU Distribution. Peacock has assisted many employees over the years and does it because it’s the right thing to do: give back to their team, not for any special recognition.

According to Peacock, SKU is constantly working on ways to be more efficient in every aspect of the business. Ideas from employees and management staff are always welcomed and considered. These ideas are often implemented to make them faster, more efficient, and more accurate. This is achieved through workflows in SKU’s software. The goal is to make the employee’s job as easy as possible. The more accessible and more efficient they are, the happier they are.

SKU Distribution recently expanded its warehouse and fulfillment center at a new Chandler location which includes 90,000 square feet of fulfillment space available for growing e-commerce businesses in the market for a third-party logistics (3PL) partner.

SKU has massive experience in the fulfillment industry. From a Kickstarter launch to a startup eCommerce company or a top retail brand, SKU creates a personalized solution for every client. They ensure the vision of every customer’s brand is captured from the integration process to the branding of the packaging. The experience is customized to match the brand’s vision and consumer expectations. The onboarding process is clear-cut and straightforward, and integrations are handled quickly, so there is no wasted time. SKU Distribution provides over 60 automated shopping cart integrations, online marketplace integrations, and ERP integrations.


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