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Marketing Secret 11: Simplicity is EVERYTHING

"If you tell them everything, they remember nothing." --Gandhi. 

We really don't know if Gandhi said that, but the point is real. Too often, business owners mistake advertising for marketing. The purpose of an ad is to disrupt the physical space and get you to notice it. Then it has to tell a story WITHOUT WORDS. Often a witty statement and the name of the company/logo is it. That's all you need. 

The purpose of advertising is to make someone FEEL something relevant about who you are. More specifically, people buy one brand over another because they FEEL something, even if they've never purchased that brand previously.

Too often we want to cram as many messages as possible into an ad, but that's not it's purpose. That's the purpose of MARKETING. A brochure can carry 15 messaging points; an ad needs to bring ONE idea. 

Keep it simple. And PS your logo should not dominate the image - the STORY should dominate the image and make them look for your logo. If they care about what you said, they'll find it, and they'll recommend it. For well-known brands, they don't even need to show you how to contact them. They know you know where to find them, they want to entertain you and make you REMEMBER them, not hit you with 17 different reasons why you should buy--ugh.

We invite you to visit our portfolio site and see other examples of how our work tells a story for our clients, through simplicity. 

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